Relationships? Piece of cake!

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Today I just want to share a little metaphor with you that I use with a lot of my clients, especially those who are getting over old relationships or really looking to get into a new relationship, but are not sure they’re quite ready. The Great British Bake Off is also back on our screens, so my mind is full of baked goods at the moment.

A wise person once told me, that relationships should be the icing on the cake in life; they’re not the cake itself! And while that is wisdom indeed, this metaphor can be expanded…

You cannot ice an undercooked cake. You cannot ice a cake that hasn’t cooled properly or the icing will slide off. Before you ice a cake, the cake has to be ready to be iced. But more than this… a nicely baked cake, whether it is a fruity, full of nuts, sticky sweet, or soft and light is pretty lovely all on its own too. You should be proud and happy of your cake, and the addition of icing should be your choice, and something you believe would only add to the overall quality of the cake, but never detract from it’s flavour.

Sometimes you might find that some icing doesn’t work well with your flavour cake. Chocolate icing on a carrot cake is never going to work as well as a lovely lemon cream cheese; but we only know this by trying things out and experimenting with flavours. Do not feel bad if you find your icing just isn’t working with your cake. You can scrape it off, or spend a little time baking a new cake ready to be iced in the future. Never change your cake to suit the icing, that would just be silly, and no baker would recommend that.

So happy baking everyone! I dedicate this to all my lovely cakes out there, iced or not. You’re all delicious.


  1. This metaphor works really well! I love it (almost as much as I love cake, or is that really narcissistic?!)

    • Gosh no, you’ve got to love your cake!

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