Springing South of the River

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In case you missed my last blog post about my imminent relocation, I can now announce that I have now moved! It’s been a fairly chaotic few weeks but I am now getting settled in my new home. Moving can be a really stressful time, in fact one of the most stressful, and so it’s been a good chance for me to ‘practice what I preach’ and put some of my self-care routines into practice; if anything is a good test of a mental health hygiene routine it is moving (actually even a basic hygiene routine is put under pressure when you can’t remember which box contains your toothbrush).

Moving really does highlights the stresses and strains of modern living; so much in life has been designed to be ‘simpler’, but somehow seems more complex than ever, from changing your address details on labyrinthine automated phone services, to packing up boxes of cables we have accumulated over the years and working out what they do – seriously, I’ve started to have Indiana Jones-style nightmares, but instead of a pit of snakes, it’s a pit of writhing Ethernet cables and Scart leads. So for this I’ve had to employ some of my techniques for dealing with overwhelm, especially delegation and list making! I have learned through this experience that you cannot have enough lists, and stationary! Remembering to take time out for proper relaxation, and at least a bit of yoga has been important too!

But I did it and can now call myself a resident of Southville. Hello Southville :waves:. So far I have been on a daily café crawl of all the lovely coffee places here (and to use the wifi, as mine isn’t being hooked up for a month) and taking tiny therapy dog Rosie around Greville Smythe Park. But I also returned to my clients on Tuesday after 10 days break and boy was I missing them! Although I will now be available on Thursdays at Alma Vale Hypnotherapy in Clifton, I have decided for the time being to work from my new home office in Southville on Monday afternoons, Tuesdays and Fridays, which is currently when I see private clients.

Obviously I am still happy to see clients from all over Bristol and the region and even further afield on Skype; but if you’re a fellow Southvillian (I assume that’s what we’re called) then why not take advantage of having a new hypnotherapist on your doorstep and book a consultation with me today, I look forward to meeting you!

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