About Emma

Emma in a gardenHello, I’m Emma, a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist based in Bristol. I have been helping empower people through my practice for over five years now, getting people get back on track in life and fulfilling their potential. My work has also been influenced by my love of all things magic and ‘witchy’, but also from a deep passion for science and psychology.

I’ve always had a love of science. I worked for nearly a decade in publishing, which included science journalism and writing reports for educational psychologists. It was through this work that I got an interest in psychology and neuroscience. I looked at many different options for psychotherapist training and out of all of them, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy made the most sense to me. I enjoyed many of the benefits of hypnotherapy in my training and this only furthered my interest in it. I’ve always been drawn to healing and helping others, especially after experiencing depression, anxiety and bereavement in my younger years and finding the tools and support I needed to get back on track myself.

I have a lot of enthusiasm for what I do and love helping people make positive changes or and overcome obstacles to fulfil their potential. I am open and empathic and completely non judgemental, treating my clients as individuals and helping them come up with solutions, and make positive life changes. As well as seeing clients I am also continuing with professional development and study within the hypnotherapy field, keeping up-to-date with all the latest research and expanding my skills. Recently I have completed courses in neuroscience, dealing with PTSD, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

My own neurodiversity (ADD and dyslexia) and my work within special education and educational psychology has given me an interest in working with those directly and indirectly affected by neurodiverse conditions such as ADD, ADHD and autism. I currently work for Bristol Autism Support, running well-being courses, which combine CBT, hypnotherapy, empowerment coaching, yoga and meditation.

I am a yoga enthusiast and when I’m not in practice you can often find me on my yoga mat! I am training to be a yoga teacher and this has also influenced my practice quite a bit. I am fascinated by the similarities between ancient yogic teachings and modern day neuroscience; and thus bring a lot of my yogic practice, especially breathing techniques and trance work, into my practice. I have also retained my love of writing, and love to blog about my favourite subjects, which you can read on my blog page.

I look forward to working with you!


Emma Edwards (BA Hons, MA ,HPD ,DHP)

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