Brenda’s Story

Brenda came to see me in the May of 2016. A smoker since she was a teenager, Brenda has smoked 20 a day since then, and now at the age of 68 had decided to quit. Her main motivation was financial, as her husband, who had Alzheimer’s disease, was in a care home; and both of their pensions were going towards paying for this. Brenda had tried many different methods to stop before, but with no joy. But her desire was strong; she was looking forward to having more money in her pocket, and with a new grandchild on the horizon as well, had all the motivation she needed!

Brenda came for a single 90-minute smoking cessation session with me. I gave her a CD to take away and a booklet to help keep her on track and to chart her progress, she was over the moon with how the session went.

I bumped into Brenda over the Christmas break. Her husband had been moved into an NHS facility, and combined with her extra money from not smoking had saved up enough to treat herself to something very special! Watch the video below to find out how she got on!

Well done Brenda!