Client Stories


“The hypnotherapy really helped, especially to have the reframed story in mind, which helped me stick to my plan and everything to go well. The colour breathing was especially useful to keep me calm and focused. I had a tiny bit of gas and air but no other drugs and afterwards I felt so amazing I was already talking about having another one!” – Sarah

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Ellie’s Story

Ellie came to see me in the autumn of 2013, pregnant with her second baby, wanting a natural birth.

Helena’s Story

Helena came to see me in 2014 to build confidence for an upcoming driving test.

Marianne’s Story

Marianne came to see me in 2015, for help overcoming anxiety.

Haley’s Story

Haley came to see me this year after she lost her confidence after having a horse-riding fall, and wanted to get back in the saddle.

Katie’s Story

Katie came to see me early in 2016 because she wanted more confidence and success at work.