Confidence Building


How many times have you been told to “have confidence” or that “confidence is the key to success”? Well it may very well be true but it isn’t always easy to feel confident, especially in a world that is so very good at battering our self-esteem. A lack of confidence can really hold you back in life; whether it’s deciding to apply for that new job or study course, or going on a first date (or even asking someone out in the first place!), or just not fully living up to your potential.

Feeling shy or lacking confidence can also cause unwanted physical symptoms such as stuttering, blushing or excess sweating – all of which serve to just lower your confidence even more! Solution Focused Hypnotherapy not only helps with building overall confidence and self-esteem but can also help with the physical symptoms, through learning fast-track relaxation and visualisation techniques.

Sometimes people are generally quite confident but need a confidence boost in a particular area such as exams, a performance, sporting event, public speaking or a driving test. Hypnotherapy re-frames and rehearses future performance in the subconcious mind, so the client can see their achievement happening in a confident and relaxed way.

For an example of how I helped a client with confidence with her driving test read Helena’s story.