Death Anxiety

death anxiety

Although many aspects of life can trigger anxiety; anxiety triggered by thoughts of death can be particularly debilitating and can manifest specific worries about health, fears in living and difficulties in relationships. Worries about sickness and dying, or the death of people we love can be crippling, as we know they are not unfounded (because, eventually we all will die) but paradoxically can stop us really enjoying life and the relationships we have with people. It is a frightening subject and one not helped by the fact that we live in a society that is not open in its discussion of death, dying and grief.

It is through my personal experience that I believe by talking about death and facing those fears, we learn to embrace life more fully. Outside of therapy I run Death Café Bristol, where people come together to talk about death in a safe, cosy setting, with the understanding that talking about death freely helps alleviate these fears.

Within the therapy setting, I help those with death anxiety to be able to talk about their fears in a calm and supportive environment, and find positive ways to deal with those fears in the future. CBT and hypnotherapy can help with unwarranted heath anxieties (previously known as hypochondria) so that clients can get on with enjoying life more – free of the cloud of anxiety caused by excessive worries about death and dying.

Photo by Porsche Brosseau via Flickr