Depression & Anxiety

Anxiety and Depression

Do you feel overwhelmed by life?

Imagine what you could achieve if you could wake up each day in a positive, relaxed frame of mind, full of energy and motivation?

At one time or another most of us will experience some kind of anxiety, or period of depression; whether just feeling a ‘bit blue’ after a change in circumstances, or the sort of long-term, crippling anxiety that makes the most simplest of tasks seem overwhelming. Modern living, with its demand of a 24/7 lifestyle, barrage of information, pressures of work and lifestyle, and personal isolation can be pretty daunting; and our poor brains, in evolutionary terms, haven’t quite caught up! Depression and anxiety disorders have been on the rise over the last few decades, and it really is no wonder, when you think what our brains have had to contend with.

Anxiety and depression can also have a physical effect on our wellbeing, aggravating such physical symptoms as IBS, psoriasis and headaches; and making it harder to keep control of our sleep patterns, diet and energy levels. It can make us prone to addictions and destructive behaviours, and can leave us feeling unmotivated, fearful and exhausted! More and more evidence is being revealed into the effect mental wellbeing has on our overall health, yet the strains on the medical industry often means that symptoms of stress and depression are treated, but not the cause.

But there is help at hand! Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest, most effective ways of helping people overcome anxiety disorders and depression. No matter how mild or severe the symptoms there is no need to suffer, as I can show you effective ways that you can use to get back on track. Through Solution Focused Brief Psychotherapy combined with Clinical Hypnotherapy, CBT  and mindfulness techniques, I work with patients to find the best possible ways to move forward, overcome anxiety and make plans for a positive future. What’s more, hypnotherapy is both a gentle and enjoyable treatment.

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