Pain & Symptom Management


Physical pain has many different causes, and can actually be really useful to alert us to when we are hurt or ill. However once a pain has signalled our injury we no longer need to suffer from it. Chronic pain caused from old injuries, or as symptoms of long-term pain conditions can be a miserable companion in life; causing anxiety, depression and lethargy, which can then make the pain even worse! This cycle can then disrupt the enjoyment of life as we stop doing the things we once enjoyed, which in turn can make emotional symptoms worse.

Hypnotherapy helps manage chronic pain by breaking the cycle of anxiety that makes pain worse. Hypnotherapy can also be used to help control ‘pain gates’ in the mind. Pain is only ever felt in the mind and not at the sight of the injury (hence why there is such a thing as phantom limb syndrome), and so hypnotherapy helps the mind differentiate between which pain is useful (such as touching a hot pan), and which pain is not (the dull ache of an old back injury).

As well as pain there are other symptoms of chronic illness that can be managed with hypnotherapy. Lethargy, or conversely insomnia, depression, skin conditions, IBS and migraine are just a few symptoms that I can help with using hypnotherapy. Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy can also be very useful as a complementary therapy for those going through courses of treatment, such as chemotherapy, by helping those being treated keep in a good frame of mind and promoting relaxation and overall well being. During sessions we will also look at how other areas of your life can be improved to really help you get back on track, or manage life and your condition as well as you possibly can.

Photo by David via Flickr